We are very passionate about what we do. We have a team of 13 highly skilled and experienced scientists who are capable of formulating modern desirable formulations using the latest techniques and materials ensuring safety and efficacy. In carefully balancing the technical attributes of the formulations, they ensure all requirements of compatibility, stability, regulatory standards and clients expectations are met. We make use of USP (US pharmacopeia grade) or NF (National Formulary) , IP(Indian Pharmacopeia) grade raw materials whenever possible to ensure consistent and low impurity quality for better results. We constantly update and apply the latest technologies to surpass and improve formulations for consumer’s specific performance requirements.

    With a proven track record in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, consumer products and chemical specialties markets, we quickly develop your new product at a price you can afford. Our team works with your in-house R&D group or marketing staff to help solve specific problems, or can be involved from ideation to creation.

    Pre-formulation development
    New Product Development and Ideation
    Package Selection
    Specifications Development
    Process Development
    Material Sourcing
    Product Pricing Simulation and Models

    Because stability testing and validation are as imperative as the development process itself, THE TOPICAL LAB designs programs specifically for your product. We understand the importance of keeping product quality consistent, and we know claim support of the end product is an important concern.

    Client confidence and product integrity are maintained by careful design of test regimes including analytical procedures, stability & efficacy trialing and microbiological examination.

    We have a facility to Quality test the formulations for pH, viscosity, particle size by optical microscopy, Water content by Karl Fischer, BIS tests for cream, Assay by HPLC, GC and Titrimetric analysis.

    Stability testing as per ICH guidelines
    Long term -25 °C / 60% RH,
    Intermediate- 30 °C / 65% RH,
    Accelerated- 40 °C / 75% RH


    Our formulations are tested for safety and efficacy by in-vitro and in-vivo methods to provide you with claim substantiation for your products.

    We provide a whole gamut of services in the field of testing and evaluation. These include

    Efficacy testing with a wide range of specialized instruments
    Safety testing
    Dermatological evaluation
    Quality and regulation according to ICH-GCP
    Compliance with European standards
    Consumer tests
    Sensory evaluation

    The Topical Lab has the finest Regulatory Affairs consulting team in the business! Not only can we guide you through the myriad of sometimes complicated regulations, but we will also work with you to provide all of the documentation required for your particular project.

    Areas of Expertise

    Formula review for compliance in the Indian & International markets
    International documentation
    Registrations & Filings
    Qualitative & quantitative formula breakdowns
    Accurate ingredient listings
    Label review

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