The soul of a formulation is the innovation in it, which makes it alive !

The Topical Labís innovative product development is based on a set of unique ideas, market inspirations and consumer aspirations.

Our strength lies in turning our ideas into innovative, market-ready brands through our creative imagination. As a brand innovator, we develop one-of-a-kind formulations considering the latest trend, using the latest technology and using the unique and highly effective ingredients.

The Topical Lab has recently developed a stable 20% l-ascorbic acid gel which is getting immense response from the pharmaceutical organizations.
Heard of a non-chalky, easy to spread sunscreen with 25% zinc oxide ? The Topical Lab has developed it recently.
The Topical Labís trend setting success with Indiaís first broad spectrum anhydrous sunscreen is remarkable, as it has been(instead of is) launched by many reputed pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in India.
The Topical Lab is the first to bring the concept of 1% ketoconazole leave-on hair cream in India.
The Topical Labís anti-scar gel is a popular formulation in the market launched by many companies.
The Topical Lab has developed a very unique concept called anti-dandruff spray with ketoconazole which is in news amongst the people in the industry.

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