Launches of facial skincare products offering UV protection are set to grow
North America will see the largest rise, with launches often linking to potential damage caused by the environment
Increasing the use of anti-ageing benefits will expand the sector in Asia, while new ingredients offer potential

Launches offering UV protection are projected to grow in facial skincare, particularly in Asia where the claimís links with anti-ageing will be key

•  UV protection is a shining light

In the facial skincare category, the most common claims are those that carry the greatest consumer appeal. They are also invariably the more basic benefits, which can be offered and are expected across all price ranges. Moisturisation is the stand-out example. It is the categoryís most common claim and is considered the most important product attribute for over 60% of consumers in Italy and Spain and nearly three quarters of UK women.

However while moisturisation remains top of the pile, other benefits are being seen with more frequency. Asian influence on western markets has made whitening claims rise by 7% while those providing UV protection are set to increase by a whopping 26%.

Year Moisturising / hydrating Anti-ageing Whitening UV protection
Number of variants
2010 7,299 3,399 1,340 1,160
2011 7,733 4,265 1,875 1,557
2012 9,357 5,550 2,123 1,966
2013 6,477 3,531 1,707 1,853

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